C. Lafaye

C. Lafaye

C. Lafaye: Jazz, NeoSoul, & Positive Inspiration Music Recording Artist & Writer

C. LaFaye has always loved music, but never knew she possessed a gift of singing until she joined a local community choir when she was attending high school. After becoming a member of this choir, she took on the role as the lead singer from that point on. It was at this moment in her life when she realized that she was a natural talent and could go far in life using her gift of singing.

She’s no stranger to the music scene. She has performed Lead & backup vocals for several different genres, artists, musicians, events, shows, churches, and Festivals Locally & Nationally.

C. LaFaye also debuted her 1st ever successful single release in 2014,“Natural High.” Her constructed genuine and relatable lyrics truly covey her story and what she feels within herself.

Her mission is to uplift people and initiatives through music. Creating beautiful melodic, joyful, healing, thought provoking, naturally high interpretations for your mind, body & soul.

Music stirs the Atmosphere inside of YOU; whether good, bad, happy or sad!